Terms & Conditions

Class Fees

Payments are paid on a termly basis and must be paid by the invoice payment date. A term will usually last between 5-8 weeks. Each new student is entitled to one free taster class.

Payments can be made via cash or bank transfer (preferred) to the account details given on the invoice.


If a student is absent, including sickness or holidays, payment will not be refunded. Unfortunately, refunds for any unused classes will not be given or deducted from the next payable terms fees.


YGM Dance Academy accepts no liability in the event of cancelling any classes due to unforeseen occurrences, fortuitous events or acts of God. Events include but are not limited to war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergencies. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse for cancelled classes.


YGM Dance Academy reserves the right to change, without limitation, the timetable of classes as and when necessary. Notice will be given to each student of changes in timetable.

Notice to leave

In the event that your child would like to leave YGM Dance Academy, a half terms (3 weeks) written notice is required.

Attendance & Etiquette

Attendance will be monitored for each student throughout each term. Students will be encouraged to be consistent and committed to each class they attend as this will ensure the best outcome on their own abilities.

We advise that students arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts to guarantee they are on time.

Students who are more than 15 minutes late for class may not be permitted to join in that particular class. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances can get in the way; however we intend to stick to this rule so that it does not disrupt the class.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a well behaved manner, being respectful to other students and the teachers/assistants leading the class. We advise familiarising yourself and your child of the core values at YGM Dance Academy which can be found on our website or a copy can be given upon request.


All students must wear suitable/comfortable clothing for each class they attend. Shoes (trainers) or bare foot must be worn at all times. For their own safety, students will be asked not to participate if they do not comply with the correct uniform.

YGM Dance Academy t-shirts will be available to order but are not mandatory. All students will receive a free standard t-shirt after completion of one term. Please speak to either the teacher or teaching assistant if you require an order form.

Student Safety

Teachers and teaching assistants will ensure that a warm up and cool down are completed in every class to lessen the risk of injury.

Students should inform the teacher or teaching assistant immediately if they are suffering from any injuries or illness.

In the case of accidents; all accidents will be recorded in an accident book. First aid will only be administered with permission of the student’s parent or guardian.

Physical contact within dance classes may be used where appropriate to assist students in correcting placement. Any teachers or teaching assistants at YGM Dance Academy will not use physical contact without consent from the student and will treat any physical contact with sensitivity and care. No contact will involve force or the use of any instrument. We encourage students and parents/guardians to discuss any concerns with any member of YGM Dance Academy. Both students and teachers should also feel free to report any concerns to the Kent County Local Authority Designated Officer, and should contact kentchildrenslado@kent.gov.uk.

Photography & Video Recording

YGM Dance Academy would like to take photographs and video recordings during classes and of performances for social media, marketing and evaluation purposes only. We will not take any photographs or make video recordings of any student unless their parent or guardian has given permission.

Termination of Membership

YGM Dance Academy reserves the right to exclude any student if any terms & conditions, other regulations or values set by YGM Dance Academy are breached. This includes, but not limited to: disrespect to the welfare of teachers, teaching assistants, students, visitors or other people associated with YGM Dance Academy; disrespect or vandalism of any premises or equipment used/owned by YGM Dance Academy.

Cancellation Policy

You reserve the right to cancel your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and YGM Dance Academy services with at least 3 weeks notice. As a commitment has been made to a full term attendance, no refunds will be given.