About Us

You’ve Got Moves (YGM) Dance Academy is a brand new dance school aiming to build a community passionate about dance. We offer street and contemporary dance classes for ages 5-18.

Our vision is to provide a creative, safe, fun, social environment where children and young people have the opportunity to be themselves, encouraging them to grow and develop their passion in dance.

Here at YGM we encourage dancers of all abilities and believe that everyone has their own flare to bring to the dance floor.

Joining YGM Dance Academy will be an awesome opportunity to create new friendships, build self-confidence and improve physical health, all whilst learning/enhancing movement skills.

Our Values

We wish that every person who attends these classes will feel included as part of the YGM family.

All of our classes are designed to help increase the students creativeness, allowing them to be imaginative and inventive. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” Maya Angelou

We aspire to allow our classes to always be uplifting and fun, encouraging positive mental health as well as physical.

We believe honesty in dance plays a key roll in helping the students grow in their talents. We want to bring the best out of every student who takes part. Keeping an honest approach in our teaching will encourage the students to aim high.

We expect every student and staff member to show respect to one another in every way possible. We encourage everyone to come as they are, without judgement and regardless of abilities.

Meet The Team

Director & Teacher

Natasha has been an enthusiastic dancer since the age of five and continued her passion throughout school achieving an A level in Dance. She has taken part in many performances including local festivals and pantomime productions through the company Rhema Arts. In 2019 she graduated from BBO Dance, gaining a Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching with the aim of completing Level 5 soon.

Natasha also works for Acts 2 Church where she is head of the youth department where she has helped put on Christmas productions and other performances with the young people within the church.

Ready to dance?

If you’re interested in taking part in any of our classes then please use the contact details below or get in touch using our contact form.